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I.T Support Services

On-Site I.T Support

Today, I.T has become a crucial resource and work tool for even the smallest modern business. We understand that you need fast and effective solutions to keep your business operational.

A.J.Computers can come to the rescue when things go wrong, providing small business I.T Support where expensive in-house I.T. is just not an option.

We can also securely access your systems remotely for faster more convenient IT support

Servicing and maintaining your I.T equipment

Many small businesses lack the resources to effectively manage and maintain their essential I.T equipment.

We've removed the jargon and complexity surrounding I.T and made your I.T support as simple and worry free as possible.

We can provide ad-hoc servicing and maintenance (as and when you need it) or for a set cost per month we can provide a support package designed to fit in with your needs and your budget.

Save your business both time and money by employing an I.T technician to oversee your computers and I.T equipment.

Improving your business I.T.

A.J.Computers can upgrade outdated or under-performing I.T. systems.

We have many years’ experience helping small to medium sized businesses in the Winchester and Hampshire areas.

For local businesses we also offer a free initial on-site assessment of your I.T systems.

We remove the jargon and complexity surrounding I.T, making your I.T systems as simple and worry free as possible, without compromising on business productivity.

Call or contact us today for I.T Support, maintenance or systems upgrade.

Comprehensive IT Support Packages

Set pricing per computer. No hidden charges. No complicated contract agreements.

  • An experienced I.T Technician regularly servicing your I.T systems is a worthwhile investment for your business, preventing downtime and loss of earnings.
  • Regular and essential service checks of each computer tailored to your business usage and requirements.
  • Also including checks on each core piece of networking hardware alongside network bandwidth and transfer rate checks.
  • Backup integrity checks.
  • On-Site and remote options available for all Tier 1 IT Support
  • Friendly, local and dependable staff/Technical support.

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Whilst preventative maintenance checks are invaluable for critical systems we understand you may need an agreement that has hands-on I.T support built into it.

Traditional I.T Support Agreements can be complicated and pricey, but we’ve tried to keep things as easy to manage and budget as possible. With this in mind, we provide the Tier 2 Gold support package as follows:

Monthly maintenance and optimisation of your computers with all Tier 1 options included.

A monthly allocation of hands-on I.T Support for your business.

  • Your support agreement removes the unknown of Pay-As- You-Go I.T Support costs.
  • Pay a set price for I.T Support, no hidden charges.
  • Competitive rates aimed at small to medium sized local businesses.
  • Remote helpdesk support also available – i.e. We login remotely to provide support.
  • Friendly, local and dependable staff/Technical support.

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