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Business I.T Managed Services

We take a proactive approach to your business I.T

I.T systems are such a core part of any business that it makes sense to take a step back every now and then from day-to- day operations to ensure the I.T in-place is reliable and performing well. A.J.Computers can do this for you. We assess and then improve your current systems. The aim is to improve reliability, performance and productivity. Some of our core Business I.T Services are detailed here, but please contact us for further information.

System monitoring and maintenance

Protect your I.T systems with expert monitoring software. By simple, constant remote monitoring of your computers we can discover problems before they become calamities and take action to minimise disruption to your business. We have professional grade software that carries out automated daily health and safety checks on all your P.C's, ensuring your critical business I.T systems are kept up and running.

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Enterprise Grade Cloud Based Email

Improve your business productivity by moving your email into our industry leading cloud based system.

  • Highly resilient, available and reliable UK based servers.
  • Email, contact and calendar synchronisation across devices for all personnel, no more duplicated or lost information.
  • Large cloud storage spaces for your business emails and less risk of data loss.
  • Remove the need for an in-house email server and maintenance.
  • Improved email security and spam filtering.
  • Easy integration with Outlook for improved productivity.
  • Availability on almost all mobile devices.

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Systems Security

Some current forms of malware infection can permanently destroy data held on your computers or servers. Ensure your business is not exposed to malicious software infection by using our enterprise grade security software and cloud based security management system.

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Business Systems Backups

Remove the burden of maintaining a backup system from your day-to- day operations. Ensure your backup is reliable and not exposing your business to critical failure. Reduce the downtime and loss of revenue that occurs when a critical system requires restoring from a backup.

A.J.Computers can specify a backup system for your business needs. We use cloud technologies and software from a variety of quality vendors to ensure your business is protected and risk is minimalised.

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Cloud Technologies

Business Cloud Technologies have the advantage of massively increasing reliability and can drive productivity improvements across your business.

Let us help your business use or migrate to cloud based computers and networks.

Working from the cloud ensures:
  • Your entire business I.T can be backed up to multiple secure sites.
  • Your business and individuals have increased flexibility to work from anywhere with full access to critical applications and data.
  • Cloud Technologies are suitable for any modern business, regardless of size. We are also able to provide cloud services tailored to your particular business needs.
  • What this means in today's economy is that cost effective enterprise level I.T systems are available and affordable for any organisation.

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